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New Course Reveals How To Connect With Influencers And Attract High Net Worth Clients

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"The Real Life Wizard of Oz"

From the desk of The Real Life Wizard of Oz - Steve Sims

Carlsbad, Ca

Dear Friend,


If you’d like to connect with influencers and attract High Net Worth Clients...regardless of your industry, this is the most important letter you’ll read today.


I’ll explain in a minute.

But First… A Disclaimer:

The average person who buys any “how-to” course or information gets little to no results. Your results will depend on many factors - mostly your work ethic.


If you are not willing to do the work, please DO NOT BUY MY COURSE.  


With that said… let me ask you a few questions:


Are you spending 2-3 hours a day trying to make solid connections with influencers in your industry and falling flat every time?


Are you frustrated that you post and you publish - and you feel like you’re getting your business out there - only to get crickets?


Do you ever look at around your life or the people around you and think to yourself: “Is this all there really is?”


I get it.

Entrepreneurs are always trying to work out where they're going to fit in.

I bounced around many different jobs trying to find my groove. Insurance, cake sales, garden work. I even ended up working the door of a Hong Kong nightclub.


As an entrepreneur, this wasn't where I wanted to be forever and I knew there was a way to “level-up”. So I learned how to network and build relationships with affluent and influential people.

Here’s what I discovered:


First, there are Exactly 16 Steps to Attracting Influencers and High Net Worth Clients.


Second, I'm a bricklayer from London from a line of bricklayers in London. If I can do it..

There’s no one out there that can’t do what I’ve done.

After my book, Bluefishing, hit the shelves tens of thousands of people reached out to me telling me they were now thinking bigger than ever before.


I knew that I needed to help more people at a deeper level.


We needed to build something more robust. More actionable.

We needed to provide the action steps and the resources to make anything happen.  

So we built this course

It's called the Distillery and it's dramatically different than anything you’ve ever seen because it’s more of a “field guide” to connecting with influencers and high net worth clients than a traditional “course” or “book”.


There is no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it and why.


Plus, it’s easy to consume.  


At just 4 courses with 4 modules each, you can work your way right through it in just a few hours.


And you’ll immediately “get” the entire methodology I personally used to create relationships with some of the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet.


If a bricklayer from London can do what I’ve done, you can do the same. This product is going to show you exactly how to do that by giving the action steps and resources - because you're not just buying a course. 


You're investing in ACCESS.


Here's just a fraction of what's inside and what it might mean for your business:




  • Insider Access

    Inside of the course platform we are actively updating the content and adding new videos, courses and worksheets breaking down what is working for us, what trends we are seeing and how we are making things happen - in real time. 

  • Exclusive Distillery Community

    Distillery Members will get added to an exclusive Private Member Facebook Group where they can network and mastermind with other high level entrepreneurs and get access to me and my team to answer their questions. 

  • Interviews and Mastermind With The World's Top Experts

    Perspective is everything. 


    Distillery members will get introduced to the top experts in the world and be invited for AMA (Ask Me Anything) and QnA with each expert. (This alone is worth 100x the investment)

  • Priority Access To Exclusive Speakeasy Events

    Past events have include private parties in Louis Vuitton & Tiffany in Beverly Hills, Elton Johns Gala in NYC, Speakeasy events in LA, San Diego, NYC and even Reno.


    These events have limited availability and as a member of the Distillery you will be the first to get an invitation!

Basically, I'm committed to delivering the ongoing guidance, perspective and support you need to 

To Get You Out Of Your Own Way

All of that is ON TOP of the course content which includes:

  • The Power Of The Password: How to instantly create exclusivity and immediately attract celebrities and influencers.


    Implement a few “password” tricks and stand out in your marketplace to exactly the right people.  

  • How To Use “UGLY” To Your Advantage and gain trust in high-net-worth circles.


    Discover how to immediately gain the trust of your prospects using my “ugly” principles (see lesson 8)

  • The secret to building a strong personal brand.


    How to set your goals in a way that helps you build a strong personal brand and an engaged, influential audience.

These are the proven, real world strategies and tactics that are working right now, over and over again, 


But that's just the tip of the iceberg because you are also getting

    An Advanced System For Turning Complete Strangers Into Raving Fans Who Want To Pay You A Lot Of Money



    Getting into influential circles is not as complicated or difficult as everyone seems to be making it seem.  


    Here it is:


    Step 1: Get in front of the right people


    Step 2. Make them want to spend more time with you 


    Most people can do the first step. 


    Go to the places the right people hang out. 


    That is the easy part. 


    But how do you turn a complete stranger, especially an influencer or celebrity into a friend, client and raving fan... over and over again? 

    There's A System For It. 

    And when you enroll in the course, you’re getting that entire system laid out for you, step by step.


    You will get a place to keep notes, record progress and keep track of what you’ve done and, more importantly, what you need to do next.


    If you want to:

    • Achieve the impossible

    • Connect with the most powerful people in the world

    • Achieve the next level within your business

    • Strengthen your relationships with people

    • Lead your community

    • Make an impact


    This course is for you. 

    So Here's What To Do Next

    Click on the button below. The course is $295/year and you’ll get immediate access.


    Why only $295?


    Well, because I want to help as many people as possible and frankly...


    I think you’ll like it and stick around.


    This Is Truly A Limited Time Offer So Claim Your Access Now

    Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to seeing you inside.


    Steve Sims,


    P.S In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:


    I’m offering you a full course (actually, 4 courses) that outlines the exact steps I’ve used to connect with and build relationships with some of the wealthiest and most influential people on the planet.


    AND giving you access to some of the top experts in the world, a community to mastermind with and priority invitations to hang out and learn with with me and my closest friends. 


    All you pay is $295 to get in. 

    Click here and get the course now. You won’t regret it.

    You will receive an email with the access link immediately upon ordering.

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